Ghost gateway? or Mistake message from TTN


I would like to check and see if anyone have this experience as below.

We have a customer who is using our gateway and registered with TTN, and they have number of sensor register with TTN now, and different gateway in different site.

One of the gateway is keep having the sensor data report, even though it is power OFF or registered into other account? I asked our customer to delete the gateway in their account and registered it into our account now, so we could check and handle it.

However, now the gatweay is power off and we still receive the log message and which supposed not under our account.

As it considered as a new gateway to us, so it supposed to be no RX and TX message in there but from the below picture there is 5xxxxxx message already?


Please advise what’s issue here and how can we delete the gateway here and registered with other user?



Data from a node will show in the application regardless of which TTN gateway received the data and who owns the gateway. If a gateway is powered off but another gateway received the data it will be available on TTN. (LoraWAN is not WiFi where a device exchanges data with just one access point)
Check the packet metadata in the console to see which gateway(s) received the data.

You can not delete a gateway and recreate it in a different account. Use the transfer ownership button to move it to a different account. However that might not be required if you just want to check the data, just grant the appropriate rights in collaborators in the gateway settings.

so you mean that the incoming data we saw in the gatweay traffic pages, it doesn’t represent the gateway traffic, but actually from one of the whole group gateway?

No, the gateway traffic page shows gateway traffic from one gateway. However eui based gateways do not require authentication so anyone can specify the same identifier and send traffic. We’ve seen this happen with Multitech based gateways in the past where multiple gateways used the same EUI in the configuration.

However, using the EUI based configuration, the packet forwarder script include the gateway eui, and we could see the TTN setup pages is looking at this eui setting in the packet forwarder to make sure the gateway is matching to the TTN eui configuration to define if the gateway is online?

So we supposed there is no one will use the duplicated eui in the setting as TTN shouldn’t allow a duplicated eui setting??

Also the gateway eui is hard coded the eui, so it should not have another gateway with the same eui?

So I don’t understand what you mean for multiple gateway use the same eui??? Did you mean if other gateway using the same packet forwarder script with the same eui setting in gateway 1 and gateway 2. Then TTN will still see both gateway online but not matching the eui setting and the hardware eui ??

The EUI transmitted to TTN is read from a configuration file, anyone with shell access to a gateway (does not need to be a multitech gateway), or even web access for some gateways can enter the same number and have the gateway send data pretending to be any other gateway (using the Semtech protocol).
The multitech hardware contains what should be a unique EUI, however there nothing stopping you from ignoring that EUI and using another one. TTN will not allow two gateways with the same EUI to be registered in the console, however that does not stop data from a rogue gateway from entering the network,

In the distant past there has been a case where a European gateway and a US gateway (both Multitech) were using the same EUI.

yes you are correct, we find there is a mistake gateway using the same setting and caused the trouble.