Globalsat LM-130H1

I’ve been trying to configure my 2 LM-130H1 modules to send a payload between each other. While this works with the MOST-Link protocol, I’ve had no luck with the LORA-WAN. It seems that with the MOST-Link AT commands you can set up one of the modules as a gateway, but I was wondering if it’s also possible with the LORA-WAN too, without connecting to the TNN. I’ve configured the TX/RX Power and frequency, however when I use the TX send command with the LORA-WAN I seem to send the payload but it does not get received and it returns Tx_noACK (perhaps my configuration is wrong or what I am trying to do is not possible).

This is the TTN forum, so only actual LoRaWAN implemented through TTN is on topic.

For peer-to-peer projects you’ll have to use other support resources, perhaps those of the device manufacturer.

No. A node radio lacks the physical capability to be a LoRaWAN gateway, as a LoRaWAN gateway is mandated to simultaneously monitor multiple spreading factor possibilities over multiple uplink channels. Connection of node devices that pretend to be gateways wreaks havoc on the spreading factor selection algorithms used by other people’s properly functioning nodes, and so is prohibited on TTN.