GlobalSat LT-20L and TagoIO GPS Decoder

Hi Guys,

I am struggling with the decoder for the GlobeSAT LT20-L Tracker. I am using TagoIO but I need TTN to post the decoded data to TagoIO.

Here is a preview of a String that comes from the device.

Here are the parameters for the bits.

lt20 parameters

This is also in the file they gave me.

lt20 gps

If anyone could please help me with a decoder that would be fantastic.


Have you looked at some of the decoders already written? How good is your JavaScript?

Hy Gerhardt
I have more or less the same problem with the GlobeSat LT-20 tracker. Have you been able to fix the problem?

We didn’t hear anymore on this from @gerhardtsiebert. I hinted there were decoders to be searched for and we can help with tweaking any JavaScript