Good Dashboard Solution?


Does anyone know a good Dashboard platform that works well for IOT and GPS tracking?

I have now tried several, all of them I could more or less “make work” after some efforts, but they are extremely limited and unstable… My experiences so far include:
. (through TTN data storage)
. Google Data Studio (through TTN data storage -> Google Sheets)
. Cayenne My Devices

Ideally it would look like this:


What do you guys use?

Datastudio is not that good for an IoT dashboard (not suitable for real time data streaming). Better for BI.
We use Thingsboard when we need a pure IoT solution.
Dashboard example with Thingsboard

@jeromeskiply, Looks interesting, does it integrate well with TTN?
There isn’t a lot of explanation, does it feed from json? Keeps a db?

My first experiment was with AllThingsTalk (it is mentioned in TTN integrations, which is how I found it).

It does have a mapping widget. Take a look. First one’s free. :slight_smile:

Integration with TTN is really not a problem. A few lines of javascript and you are done. Thingsboard embeed a postgre or cassandra db (depending of your needs).

@Nilaim I just discovered that the Pro edition includes a TTN intergration out of the box (
But anyway, using the HTTP push, it is so easy to do it yourself in the community edition.

i am using telegraf to subscribe to the mqtt topic of my application and store that data to an influxdb.
than i create my dashboard with grafana.

this is a dashboard for my devel nodes in grafana: