GPRS delay too much for downlinks

Where do I have to focus about this problem, gateway sends even the uplinks in 3 seconds delayed via GPRS. The motes can never get the downlinks if GPRS is the case. The delay for uplinks can even reach to 8sec in Africa. In such a case can we think about OTAA?
Thank you.

In a private network with non-standard nodes you could choose larger values for the RX1 and RX2 delays*. But then any off-the-shelf node would no longer be supported, as that will still expect 5 and 6 seconds for OTAA. :frowning:

How’s the latency when using another network? (Just to ensure it’s really only GPRS that is to blame.)

*) and send the downlink to the gateway as early as possible:

(I think there’s a post somewhere explaining one can ensure the downlink is sent to the gateway in time.)