GW , LG01 Dragino, registration on TTN

During first semester 2021 ( up to may), I have registered LG01 GW on TTN, and device, region europe and with the server We have updated the MCU with the MCU version single_pkt_fwd_v002The configuration was running correctly, we observe the ED traffic on TTN , and add the decoder, no problem.

After TTN changes ( V2 to V3 I think) , the GW disappear . So I have re-registered them, changing the adress of the server (still in europe in the configuration of the Dragino. no other modifications
However, the 2 GW appear always disconnected.
So I do not see what is wrong ? Do we have also to upgrade the MCU of the LG01 GW ?
If somebody can help me ?Thanks , Fabienne

The LG01 is not recommended for TTN use, see the Dragino Web page;

Note: LG01-N is designed for Private LoRa Protocol, Not recommend for LoRaWAN use.

The LG01 can be disruptive to TTN compliant nodes, so please do not use it.

Thanks for your answer. Is it possible to update the MCU firmware of the LG01, I have LG01-P ?
I have used the LG01 upto may 2021 with TTN, and since they have changed ( and the GW registration disappear), and even I have re-registered the GW, the GW appear disconnected

“The LG01 can be disruptive to TTN compliant nodes, so please do not use it.”

No, it does not have the correct hardware to be a fully compliant 8 channel gateway, please search the forum for Single Channel Packet Forwarder or SCPF. As @LoRaTracker has noted, the manufacturer says it should not be connected to TTN on the product page.

You will be disrupting the network by using it, please disconnect.