GW lost connection

(Sepanet) #1

Hi all,
Our Lorrier LR2 GW was connected nicely and forwarding data but has now not been seen for 11 days !! I have recycled power to it without success. I also deleted the GW from console and re-added it.
Still no success or feedback from console. Can someone from TTN please check it as I’m going insane.


Thanks very much.


it’s not registered ?


(Sepanet) #3

Sorry Borroz, I can’t access that url…what is it ?

(tlu) #5

It looks like it is case sensitive.


you’re right … sorry my mistake.

ok did you check with your it deparment if there was a change in firewall rules ?

can someone check on the TTN backend side ? @htdvisser maybe :roll_eyes: