GW showing join message as uplink message

Hi, my GW is receiving a join message from a node but is showing this as a regular uplink message (see attached screenshot). I assume this is some incompatebility of protokolls somewhere.

Im using a Waveshare LoRa hat on a RPI as GW and a LR1120 dev kit on Nucleo as end device.

What you are showing is a join request and recognized as a join request. Join requests are also uplinks (and the reply is a downlink) so its just a matter of labeling.
A ‘regular’ uplink would show the device address and port, not the EUIs.

Thank you Jac. I wa looking at some other screenshots posted here and saw the Join Request label. Maybe those were older.

Anyways, my real problem is that my end device is not joining, and giving a:

INFO: Event received: JOINFAIL
WARN: Join request failed

The end device code im using is here

Is there a way to trace what happens to the join request after i see it in the gateway activity log on TTN dashboard? I.e. get the error code?

Nope. Not unless there is an typo in the AppKey then you will see a MIC Mismatch error in the device console.

Maybe it’s not an error - it’s most likely part of the security mechanism.

Which device, version of LoRaWAN do you have set on the console, where is the gateway in relation to the device (distance) and, well, everything else that gets asked in the “no join accept” searches you find on the forum.