Haarlem, The Netherlands

Good news, Max and Edwin are reviving the Haarlem Community!

Dear Haarlem members,
I also now have a single channel gateway running. It is really easy to make from a Raspberry Pi and an RFM92.
It is mainly for testing of my nodes, which is sometimes very difficult without nearby gateway.
But maybe others can use it too :wink:

It will be replaced by a real gateway when the TTN Gateways become available.

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Would someone be interested in something like this?

Last friday I received my gateway and set it up in Hillegom.
I haven’t received my LoPy board yet so I haven’t been able to test if it is actually working.

What is the best thing to do once I get my board?
Create an application in TTN portal and try to send information to it?
Once that works, what is a good way to retrieve this information? A time based request to the API? or can the TTN portal send this information when it is received?

Yeps, create an application and a device within that application.
Connect your board via otaa or abp to ttn. You say you’ve got a LoPy coming in, but, if I remember correctly, there are some difficulties connecting it to TTN.

If messages are received by ttn, the will appear in the data-tab. But note that once you close the brwoser screen, the data is gone. TTN is just a pass throught, if you want the data to persist you should build something which does this.
Look at the ‘applications’ section of the docs. TTN makes an MQTT stream available in which every received message is being pushed to every listener.
Look at: https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/docs/current/mqtt/

If you want to check the connectivity of your gateway, look here.

Since Wednesday night, we’ve got a proper gateway in the city center:



Hi Arjan and all,

I received my first LoRa device last Saturday, the Pycom LoPy. From Velserbroek the only gateway I can reach is yours!

Unfortunately OTAA isn’t working, do you know it downlink is supported from your gateway?

I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread.


It’s a community gateway, and yes it’s a full-blown gateway that supports downlinks. (If you are unsure if the Join Request is actually accepted, then send me a private message when you’re testing, so I can peek in the gateway’s traffic.)

Thanks Arjan. Let me do some troubleshooting first on my side. I let you know how it goes.