HAPPY BIRTHDAY LORA! - 10th anniversay of original technology launch!

If not all aware just thought I would share the fact that this coming weekend and next week is the 10th Anniversary of the technolgy we know and love! LoRa! :heart:

Looking through some old data for historic information a week or so back I came across this entry still in one of my private calendars:


What is the significance?

Well…(for newer users who may not know the history)…following the initial acquisition of technology company Cycleo (created by @nsornin and the team) in March 2012 (at the same time as they completed the much larger acquisition of the rump of Gennum Corp - some $25M vs $500/700M? IIRC, so almost unnoticed by some in the industry) Semtech did some early access sampling of devices and test systems to a select few companies - basically when I first saw and heard about the technology - before finally announcing the technology we now know as LoRa™ at Electronica, Munich, Germany in November 2012!

Pleased to say I was there at the birth so to speak :slight_smile: And still have fond memories of some of the Semtech team - especially Hardy! - rushing from press briefing to press briefing, taking time out only for his Launch presentation at the event, and stopping by the Semtech booth, or indeed where-ever he could, to charge up the ‘Eiger’ test units that were being used to showcase and demonstrate the use of the technology (ST Dev platforms with a poorly implemented power management IIRC that would kill their batteries after a short time if left to discharge making them ever dependent on regular and frequent recharges if I remember correctly), today we are used to people regularly talking about 20 week, 20 months and even - with Lithium Thyanol Chloride batteries backed by supercaps - now heading towards 20 years in the field, these poor units once batteries deteriorated struggled to hit 20 hrs!

Back then SMTC had a UK office in Romsey, headed by friend of TTN and promoter/evangelist of the early CoLLoS work @RichL , near the south coast where I went frequently over the following few years.

The launch of LoRa generated quite a buzz and the rest as they say is history…LoRa MAC in C development between IBM Zurich and the SMTC Neuchatel team (hi Tim C, Seb L. et al, if you ever read this!) through ~2013/14, the first LoRaWAN GW POC’s, early recruitment for what was later to become the LoRa Alliance in ~2014/15, pre-announcing L-A at Cebit Jan 2015, with full launch at GSM World Congress Barcelona, March 2015, and TTN founded by @wienkegiezeman & @johan in summer 2015 of course!:slight_smile:

And here we are today - 10 years later… we even have LoRa in Spaaaace! (@telkamp @RobSpurrett :+1: ) Oh the memories! :rofl: :tada: :champagne: :fireworks: :beers: :partying_face: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday: :birthday:

…Looking forward to the next 10 years as an evangelist and promoter for this great technology :slight_smile: