Hardware considerations and mounting

Hi there, just a few (practical) remarks here after installing a Mikrotik :

  • mounting of the gateway together with the recommended antenna TOF-0809-7V-S1 on the same pole the 1m provided antenna (1m) is a bit too long, which means bending/folding and which is not recommended.

  • the enclosure of the RBwAPR-2nD&R11e-LoRa8 has breakouts for the leads, which is ok for RJ45 but not for the antenna cable, which is thin and thus leaves room for moisture etc. Fixed that with some hotglue but it always feels nasty to resort to that :slight_smile:

  • one thing i (really) do not like is finding out (on the roof) that a crimped RJ45 is not ok, so I prefer a keystone module and running with a prefabbed rj45 short length patch cable. I hoped I would be able to snug it in the enclosure, but its just too small, leaving me with an extra box outside. Somebody knows a solution for this? Are there any keystone->Rj45 male?

  • The leds on the RBwAPR are not helpful in the sense that at least id like to check at least PoE visually while looking at the unit, which is not possible afaik.

  • I know you can find it out yourself doing the Mikrotik docs, but getting people on track with this nice gateway the quickstart guide should provide some guidance on how to allow management from the WAN side (read ethernet/PoE) which is blocked by default, in order to allow it to be plugged in just like any device on your LAN (DHCP client on WAN)

  • suggestion : allow for webfig access when deployed within existing network needs specific firewall rules, some guidance from mikrotik would be helpful since it is not a default CPE/AP setting, and new users could possibly get lost in the config jungle

  • Missing in the instruction is how you would config it with a wifi backhaul , i.e. just have the thing with power only over PoE and have it use the packet forwarder over Wifi.

So far so good, i like the Lora interface on it, with filtering on device id’s, and so far it behaves nicely, consistent, gateway setup as such was easy and without problems so congrats Mikrotik for delivering a reasonably priced and easily to be configured gateway.

Suggestions are intended to help adaptation in the sense that you either just plug it in your home network and have it do its lora forwarding, with the possibility to either use it with Ethernet PoE, ethernet + power supply, wifi+power supply setup, without bothering about the specifics. Since there is no such wizard or preset yet, setting up a gateway might be experienced to be difficult.

Curious about your remarks on this gateway,


Not sure if this is the place to post (@mikrotik listening?) , but how nice it would be to have an option to add “address groups” to identify own sensors in overly crowded logs, still finding a way to syslog lora traffic outside for analysis. Anyone doing offloading of traffic metadata for further analysis/monitoring on this gateway?

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