Having trouble with downlinks originating from TagoIO

Hi, I’m using a Microchip SAM R34 Xplained Pro LoRa dev. board as a node and sending data to TTN. The uplinks and queued downlinks work fine from TTN. I added an integration in TTN to redirect to TagoIO. The uplinks work fine, the uplinked data is received in the TagoIO console. Downlink data entered in TagoIO appear to be being sent to TTN upon receipt of uplink data but there’s no evidence of it being queued up or downlinked in TTN. The device doesn’t show receipt of the downlinked message, nor does the traffic display in my gateway Laird RG1xx. Any ideas as to what might be going on? Any way I can get visibility in TTN as to whether the downlink data from TagoIO is being received for subsequent downlink transmission? Thanks very much in advance.

Hi Alex,
Did you get your downlink working? I am also using Tago, and managed to get to the point of getting downlink to show up and be sent in TTI, but it is converting format of my payload to something else.