Heat-wave temperature control of RAK831/PiZero

I have a RAK831 with the ch2i adapterboard and a RasPi-Zero-W. It will be mounted inside a 75mm sewer-pipe construction mounted on a pole on top of my house. In summer it can be quit hot here, so I wonder how I best can monitor the temperaturer of the RAK831 and/or the PiZero. There is already a small 50mm fan inside the housing and the upgoing cable is a 3 wire cord with 12Volt on it. So eventually the third wire can be used to steer the fan when temperatures get dangerously hot.

Can the temperature of the RAK831 be measured by software on the Pi?
Can the Pi measure the Rak temperature over a GPIO/I2C connection and control the fan?
If I have a value, can this value then be sent over the TTN network? (So my home automation system can take care of powering the third wire for the fan)

housing inside vertical

photo1: N connector at the top. The side-pipe is where the fan is situated. The bottom and side are covered with a mesh. Air flow is from the bottom to the side where it is sucked out.

photo2: Watertight N-connector on top, a short semi-rigid coax so the gateway hangs in the pipe. 3D printed parts are open so air can flow over the cooling block which is glued to the RAK831.

photo3: different view-angle of the inside.

On https://www.tinkercad.com/things/eR7InHHlO4W the 3D parts can be found.
Two brackets can be screwed to top and bottom of the interface board. Another part is for mounting a 50mm fan.

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https://github.com/AmedeeBulle/ttn-fan :roll_eyes:

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Thank you BoR for the good link. Likely it will work for both the RAK831 and the IC880A on the RasPi.
The only disadvantage I see is that the script does not sent the data over the TTN network, so the temperature is still unknown.

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