Helium Network Comparative Discussion

I am in Canada. So just curios how I can utilize TTN 902 model with Helium net.

This is the TTN forum. Discussions about reconfiguring hardware for Helium use are not in scope. Please use the Helium forum (assuming they have one) for that purpose.

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They do. https://community.helium.com/

There is also a discord server, which is very active. https://discord.gg/helium

@asavvin I would not be surprised when smart phones come out for the Helium network and trigger decades long court publicity stunts initiated by the legacy cell carriers :slight_smile:

Nope… not happening.

It’s still a LoRa-based network, which means data rates and volumes orders of magnitude too low for a phone or web browsing.

And it’s still computationally expensive (and thus a power drain) to be a gateway, so you’re not going to see phones in that role either.


I see quite a difference in growth potential between Helium and TTN enfavoure of TTN

Same here. I was following the Helium development for quite a while, was in contact with the core team in the early stage. The idea is amazing, but even if data transfer costs only a few bucks if you can not earn tokens with your own Hotspot: why pay for something when you can connect your device free to TTN. And furthermore, there is still a big price gap between Helium Hotspots and TTN Gateways. In the U.S. there was almost no TTN coverage when they started - In Europe they face a competely different situation.


I find some ideas of Helium inspiring. Over time I expect that current supporters of Helium will learn about alternatives and the potential of those. That will likely cause a landslide at the other side of the Atlantic ocean.

Another downside is that the people have no influence on Helium.inc.


@elidee what do you mean “there was”?? There still isn’t (In the U.S. there was almost no TTN coverage)…? In San Francisco, a city of almost a million there is only 1 TTN gateway, compared to… well a picture speaks more than words I suppose :slight_smile: So “something” or someone, (not Trump I hope) is compelling people to buy into the idea, no? Disagree? Human behavior is the best test of a concept IMHO…

hil ttn

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Well to be honest, I didn’t check any TTN coverage in the U.S. recently but I was really sure that at least in the high-tech area of California there would be some more interest into the idea of TTN. Doen’t seem to attract them. Maybe it’s due to the fact that there is no shareholder value in sight and Helium is promising revenue…

@elidee Yah I know, I am also bummed every time a monopoly emerges, I hear you man. Trust me, I am NOT one of the $350-per-hotpots you see on the map even though I live very close to the 2 near the Pacific Ocean avenues. I can’t explain it since we all learned a good lessons around the BitCoin craze and them expensive ASIC miners in the mid 2000s. Either way as you can see the only viable option is what’s physically available and once Helum makes the money stick (it’s still free as in beta testing) then the end-points could migrate to another platform, such as TTN or yet-to-emerge in the U.S. unknown player today, who knows

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Fun fact is that while everybody with Helium is talking about earning money and ROI the original idea was to get rewarded for providing coverage. The reward was to be able to send data over the network.
There are some statements made by Helium that are not In line with each other.

What reference is US to us? It took more than 3 years for Germany to really start off with TTN while in France there is still literally no TTN coverage?

TTN has boosted LoRaWAN enormously and there are many more networks in LoRaWAN than we discuss here. There is room enough for another player so we can learn from each other’s mistakes and successes.


It seems the 1 main “advantage” of Helium is the crypto. When Helium was created, they needed a way to peak the interest of people, whether they were into IoT or not… This was key in the rapid growth of Helium.

Personally, I will back TTN/TTI 100%. These are the guys that are innovating and building a global community. Besides crypto, I can’t see a single advantage of purchasing a helium gateway. Event with the Crypto, I haven’t found any exchanges that support that coin, so it is worthless to most of us.

Just my 2c.


It seems (to me) the 1 main disadvantage of Helium is the crypto. Why complicate an IoT network with meaningless tokens apart from the buzzword factor? It is not like the crypto will pay for the gateway…


For Helium Inc, the blockchain hype is actually exactly what is paying for the gateways. People buy gateways from Helium Inc because of the blockchain hype.

But the outlook is not as good for gateway owners.


Do you think maybe a lot of Helium employees live in San Fran ?? (I don’t know the answer, just guessing)

A cautionary tale perhaps - code fail at YAM kills new cryptocurrency…hope Helium code better audited & maintained :wink:

“A another crypto scheme Vicar, pass me another barge pole please , this one is too short!” :rofl:


More PR

Network expansion announcement + a distribution deal for Helium

The distn deal looks to be with a company/division focussed on the previous Tracknet/TABS nodes and of course their implementation of what became the TTIG (looks to be out of stock) and what also looks like the TTOG :wink:


parent https://www.calchipelectronics.com/ (note: wouldn’t open/shows blank in IE & Firefox ESR - doesn’t bode well :frowning: )

Proof of coverage is the foundation of the ecosystem in Helium that should feed the incentive of users to add coverage to the Helium network. Unfortunately, that seems vulnerable to people that have no interest in the IoT network but only in the money involved: https://www.reddit.com/r/HeliumNetwork/comments/ipj72o/fully_zoomed_hotspot_map_on_modesto_ca_do_you/


Uh Oh… This could be a neck breacker for this project. Some GPS location simulators, realised quite simple with SDR… I’m curious how they are going to handle this.