Help: basic ABP questions


I need help with ABP: I received Globalsat LS-111p devices that are ABP activated.
I have received the Dev EUI, AppSKey, NwSkey with the device - but I don’t receive any data.
The Dev Addr is the last 8 chars of the Dev EUI

Can anyone tell me if these are the only things I need for ABP (EUI, AppKey, NwKey)?

If I connect to the device (serial) I see that it has a device ID and App ID set - is this relevant?
I’m a bit confused because the Dev Addr in the docs say it’s the last 8 chars of the Dev EUI, but TTN generates its own one.
Same for the App ID…

Can anyone enlighten me please? :slight_smile:

see - Registration of node with pre-configured LoRaWAN keys

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