Battery powered CO2 Sensor experience? (drift, etc)

(Chbla) #1

Hi there,

So far we have tested two different CO2 (+Temp, Hum) Sensors:

Globalsat LS-111P

Zane zCO2

While the Globalsat device reports a very steady/consistent CO2 level, the sensors used by Zane drift extremely. Unfortunately the Globalsat devices are not available with battery.

Does anyone have a similar experience and any suggestions maybe?

(Tvloon) #2


I have tested a MQ gassensor and most gassensor have some kind of heatingmechanism…
This means that a long start-up time is often mentioned in the datasheets…

(Digiheart) #3


How did you setup de zCO2? We are currently testing Zane devices and I am encountering some difficulties specially because of poor documentation. Which software did you use to setup the keys?

Thanks in advance.

(Chbla) #4

They have a Software - I think you should ask them. We also received a brief description.
Please report back how the Sensors work for you. Right now I would not recommend them due to extreme drifts.