Help connecting Multitech Conduit Gateway to public agency network

(Sosteco) #1

We are working in a pilot project for a public goverment service and they have a secured network infrastructure that does not let us connect the gateway to TTN service.
I am not a linux or multitech expert so I am asking how can I check connections and ports for the gateway to work.
I have asked IT deparment to open 1700 and 1900 UDP port but do not know if that is enough to let the gateway communicate with TTN,
Thanks in advance and great regards!


If you only wan’t to send the message: then you only need to open Outgoing port 1700/UDP
But if you also wan’t to using “The Things Network” . Incoming you need to use ‘session tracking’ as the port at your system will be randomly chosen when opening the UDP socket. but for the dirst testing only open the port for outgoing traffing 1700/udp from the ip off the gateway.

How to test it, look at the console at with your login.
But At first test it at your home adress (internet connection) to make shure you have put the right config to it.

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I already tested in my office and it worked like a charm.
In TTN gw section is not showing, that’s my main problem. As I have said there must exist a command in Linux to check connection but I do not know how to.
Thanks again for you time and your help.

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Hi! I found a solution, it was needed to open port 443 for Multitech to appear connected in TTN infrastructure.
Thanks all and regards!