Help Setting Up Browan MiniHub Pro Gateway (TBMH110)

I bought a gateway from a distributor and it looked a lot like the model TBMH100 that I’m used to, but in fact comparing the labels it’s a TBMH110. Setting up my TBMH100 was a “claiming” situation, whereas setting up the TBMH110 is a “registering” situation.

I followed the manual as best I could and configured the LoRaWAN settings (for US915) with the LoRa Packet Forwarder configuration (I haven’t tried Basic Station configuration). One noteworthy exception is that I put in for the Server Address (whereas the manual says For channel bandwidth, I selected 500kHz and for channel spread factor I selected SF8 (both these were as pictured in the manual).

I generated API keys that are consistent in privileges to those that were automatically generated for my model TBMH100 unit, but I didn’t see a way anywhere in the TBMH110 Web GUI to put those keys into the configuration of the gateway. When I registered the Gateway in the TTN Console, I used the Gateway ID shown in the TBMH110 LoRaWAN settings of the as the Gateway ID for registration. That ID turns out to be the same as the Gateway EUI on the label, minus the middle “FFFE” and prepended with “0000”.

Then I enabled OTA and punched in my Wi-Fi credentials. The Gateway reset and after some blinking LED behaviors landed on a solid green light, which according to the manual implies “The MiniHub Pro is connected to LNS.” Looking at the TTN Console logs though, I see nothing at all happening there. Whereas my TBMH100 shows regular “Gateway connection statistics” lines coming in, and uplink / downlink traffic when an End Device transmits. So it doesn’t seem like the solid green light is telling the whole story here. What could I be doing wrong?

Browan Minihub Pro - Model TBMH110 - full version string (21) TBMH1109150000EC

I’m guessing you’ve followed the instructions on this document:

Can you try the Basics Station Mode configuration and let us know?
Packet Forwarder is a legacy mode and is being deprecated.

Yes, I’ve poured over the manual and tried to comply with its instructions as best as I can, but to no avail thus far.

I’m happy to try setting up Basics Station Mode. Do you know where to get / how to create the requisite files to upload to the Gateway, and how to check the boxes and fill out the form for Basics Station Mode with TTN using