Help with Axioma W1 Water Meter and Tektelic Kona Macro Gateway

I am trying to connect Axioma W1 to TTN via OTAA. I have followed the instruction but the meter is not connecting to TTN. The tutorial said I should just match Dev EUI, App EUI, and App key but it is not working. In W1 Tool software the lora state is 4 , what does that mean? Can anyone help? I am using Tektelic Kona Macro as gateway

Is your gateway showing traffic?

Note - it may not be showing on the web console as connected or ‘seen’ - follow the sticky link at the top of the forum for other ways to check.

Does your gateway hear the Axioma’s transmissions?

Their website has no links I could see for the tool that you refer to or much in the way of any actual setup documentation so without being able to review this sort of material, things are going to be hard to debug. Do you have links for these?