Heltec lora node 151 STM32L151CCU6 SX127x LoRa chip - arduino/platformIO support -

first info in TTN forum

I bought this device out of curiosity because I like the compact design. :innocent:

Now I realized that all examples based on STM32CubeIDE. I managed to get the example by heltec and upload with STMCubeProgrammer and ST-LINK V2.
heltec info
lora node 151 → TTN

PlatformIO and arduino Framework
I found info at stm32duino support.

looking for any suggestions, examples or ideas how to use platformIO with this node.

Hello @PietH,
I have build my own LoRa Node with STM32L051 and use Arduino code and PlatformIO. Maybe you can use some examples and ideas on my blog pages. MiniPill LoRa - STM32 Low Power Node | iot-lab.org and Programming STM32 | iot-lab.org

You have to figure out the pin connections between the STM32L151 and SX1276 (RFM95W) on the Heltec node and change them in the example code accordingly.
Regards, Leo.

This will be documented in the original code base from the STM32 IDE, so should be relatively seamless.

An L051 is quite different from an L151 where things like Arduino BSP’s are concerned.

There’s a certain irony here that the weakness of much of the Heltec stuff is only supporting Arduino and not more precise/traditional development methods, but the asker actually wants that, and seems to have the one board that doesn’t.