Heltec WiFi LoRa V2 in the US (915) help (Solved)

I have several of the Heltec WiFi LoRa V2 boards that I’m trying to us here in the USA, i.e., the 915MHz band.

I’ve installed the board support files, the libraries, changed the frequency to “915E6”, and downloaded it to board. All the right messages are showing up on the OLED screen, but nothing is going through my local 915MHz gateway from this board. (My other 915MHz LoRaWAN sensors are still sending messages through the gateway, so it’s not a gateway problem.)

Before I start digging into the library code to understand it, has anyone else gotten this module to work with 915MHz?

There’s typically a LOT more to configuring LoRaWAN regional settings than setting a frequency. In fact 915 MHz is not even a frequency that is used, but rather a sort of midpoint between the two ranges actually used.

Which exact software are you using?

Agreed, which is why I’m surprised that’s the total I can find on the website to change the frequencies.

I’m using the Heltec “OLED_LoRa_Sender” example application, which uses the Heltec LoRaWAN stack.

There is no obvious option for a 915Hybrid option.

Here’s a pointer to the API


Oh, FFS. Because the Heltec libraries are raw LoRa, not LoRaWAN.