Hi Everyone!

Hi Everyone!

Just wanted to introduce myself, I’m from the Netherlands originally but I moved here last year from Ireland.

I’m a member of MADE Makerspace in Sants, and we’re considering putting up a LoRa gateway on the roof of our space shortly, we already have the hardware but we’re working on roof access :slight_smile: I’m also doing some testing with PyCom modules, they’re pretty nice.

Do you have any plans for gateways in the Gràcia area by the way? I might put one up myself but my apartment is not a good place as it’s too low. A high site would work much better. I can’t reach any of the other gateways here in Gràcia, though from MADE I could reach one. I made a simple 1-channel gateway just for testing (it’s not on the map for this reason).

PS I write this in English because I don’t speak much Spanish yet and no Catalan at all :slight_smile: My job is all in English so it’s slow going.



perfect ! … this is an english only board :wink:

and welcome, if you want to start a community, have a look here first

but there is an active community in Barcelona… so maybe you can join too.

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Yes I had joined that community already :slight_smile:

I was just hoping to contact them this way. I see they have a mailing list too but it seems to be all in Catalan and I don’t really like mailing lists filling up my inbox :slight_smile: So I thought to contact them here instead. Because I didn’t see a forum or anything like this on the community page.

maybe send someone of the core team Barcelona a PM ? (I did see a ‘dutch’ name)

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Ok I’ll do that! Thanks!

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Hello people! Will be happy to talk to you!