Hi, I need help, newbie in dragino

Hi, I recently start with all of the world of the things network, trying to making work some devices and gateways I recently adquire, I read a couple of tutorials to get start with.

I recently have some problems with my dragino because I can’t access to the gateway page, so I installed a new updated firmware (The dragino LG308) and move on to configure all again.

I noticed that the system time is wrong and I can’t find how to change it.

system time

Besides that, I followed the tutorial in order to setting the gateway into the things network configuration but never connects, I check the logs and this is what they record.

Sun Jan 1 01:35:05 2012 daemon.info lora_pkt_fwd[15905]: ERROR~ [up] getaddrinfo on address router.eu.thethings.network (PORT 1700) returned Try again

I configured the gateway ID and service provider:

lorawan config ttnsetting

I don’t know what to do, I’m really lost in terms of configuration. Apologies for my bad english, is not my first languge, I appreciate all the help provided!

1st image shows “No Internet Connection” so its not had chance to connect with a NTS to correct?! Cant be sure as havent used this version of GW in anger - @kersing is familiar with the platform - Jac?


Yes It does not have internet connection, Only LAN port is enabled. I granted internet connection and everything works… It was that. Unbelievable, thank you @Jeff-UK!

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