How a Lora-Server can be implemented on a Raspberry Pi?

I have PoE enabled Raspberry Pi 3B+ based LoRaWAN® Gateway and RN2483 Low-Power Long-Range Lora Technology Transceiver Module.
If anyone has any idea about it please let me know. Thank you!

That doesn’t seem to be in scope for The Things Network, which is what this forum is about?

I need just idea, so I posted here. I did not find any solution on other sites.

Try a Google search on;


There may be other systems that support it, but an RN2483 is a single channel device so is not supported as as TTN server\gateway.

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Are these two separate things, as in, you have a Pi based gateway and you have, not connected to the Pi, a RN2483 - if so, what is the gateway Hat that you have?

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From your other thread where you say you have your gateway showing on the map, does this mean this thread can be closed?

Yes closed

Hi @nvdak, you could run the TTIv3 stack on the RPi. So the RPi becomes both gateway and LNS.

The new 8GB RPi 4 could be good for this. Please let us know how it goes and write it up as a lab story.