How add the "the things node" to TTN v3

Hello folks,
I hope I’m in the right topic here.
The point is that I have a The Things Node from The things Network, to be precise the TTN-002-868-1.0. I now wanted to register the node in The Things Network, the registration of the device in the applications actually still works quite well.
But when I upload the sketch to the node via Arduino, I only get this message when monitoring:

01: 17: 59.470 → Sending: mac join otaa
01: 18: 05.599 → Join not accepted: denied
01: 18: 05.599 → Check your coverage, keys and backend status.
01: 18: 15.607 → Sending: mac join otaa
01: 18: 15.640 → Response is not OK: no_free_ch
01: 18: 15.640 → Send join command failed
01: 18: 25.619 → Sending: mac join otaa
01: 18: 25.652 → Response is not OK: no_free_ch
01: 18: 25.652 → Send join command failed
01: 18: 35.661 → Sending: mac join otaa

In The Things Network at the device under Live Data I see a maximum of:

arrow_upward 01:18:01 Forward join-accept message
link 01:17:59 Accept join-request

I’ve already tried a few things, unfortunately I can’t integrate the node correctly. Does anyone have an idea why I can’t integrate the node?
Could it be because no AppEUI is created in V3 and the field is padded with zeros instead?

I hope I have described my problem correctly, since I am quite new to the forum in general, please excuse me wrong I ended up in the wrong topic. :slight_smile:


It seems to me that you configured your node with right credentials as V3 states link 01:17:59 Accept join-request.
Second I see that after your first join request is transmitted you get Response is not OK: no_free_ch from your node. This suggests that you use a low SF (e.g. SF12) and that you run into duty cycle constraints that will limit your transmissions.

My 2 cents: If your gateway is next to your device (or in or on your house) it is possible that, at SF12, your device cannot “hear” the join ack. I would consider forcing the join to a higher SF (7) and see what happens.