How can I create new DevEUI in V3?

I have a couple esp32 lora from Heltec. Is there any guides for migrating them to v3 stack? In v2 App and Device ID was generated automatically, how does one acquired this on v3.

Normaly for OTTA you can take the same in V3!

How do you get device euid from the heltec board?

I think the Heltec boards like TTGO boards don’t have an DevEUI, just generate one in the v3 device creation and put it in your code.

There is no DevEUI generation in v3.

No App/Join EUI either.

Search the forum for ways to create random ones, not ideal but that’s life.

See: How to generate DevEUI in V3 Console [known issue]

Please search the forum first for questions already answered and for upgrade/migration related matters use the new V2 to V3 Upgrade categories.