How can i get my data (nodes) to twitter?

get the measure and then tweeting automatically, like a bot, what integration can i use?

Do you have a very good use case for this?

Sending bot-like status messages to Twitter is often only generating Twitter spam.

Examples of such behavior are hobbyists spamming the #raspberrypi hashtag with temperature and humidity measurements from their Raspberry Pi, and organisations spamming the #iot hashtag when some bridge somewhere is opened and closed.
Which is not what Twitter should be used for.

Does not sound like a good use case.

Don’t send status tweets (spam) ‘just because you can’.

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You can do it easily with Zapier. Create a webhook in Zapier, and connect it to you Twitter account. I did it several times and it works like a charm. Enjoy.

You can use private Tweets if you want to be an “ethical” guy. And you can also use Zapier to tweet only important events and not all the measures. Twitter will probably ask additionnal verification at the beginning, but after a couple of days, if you are not publishing 100 msg / day, it will be ok.