How can i log data from thethingsnetwork directly into an Excel file for example?

(Yorick Broens) #1

Hello all,

I'm currently working with LoRa and i was wondering if it is possible to log data, which is send to the thingsnetwork from my nodes, to for example an Excel sheet/ google spreadsheet. I know that Node-Red is a solution for this problem.

I was interested tho, if there were any of you who already might have tackled this problem or have a solution for this problem. Personally i don't really like the Node-Red program for storing my data. I want a more structured way to save my data, for example, i would really like to save it into a table. So if any of you guys have an alternative way to log data from thethingsnetwork, I would really appreciate it if you let me know.

Thanks in advance,



Hey Yorick,

Node Red offers a module to log your data to a file. This file is stored on the machine that runs the Node Red. You could also email the data you want to a certain email address, and then use to forward the emails from Node Red to a google docs excel.
I hope this can get you started.

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