How can I migrate my TTOG to Stack V3

I am in Switzerland and I have to install new devis now and it is the occasion to migrate my gateway TTOG to V3.
However, I do not know how to find the EUI.
On the back of TTOG, I have some information

  • Type
  • MAC
  • SN

Is the MAC number?

Howerver on the V2 console, I can the eui-123456812345678 number.
Can I simply copy 1234567812345678?
Or should I copy eui-1234567812345678

to the the V3 console?

Should I first delete my TTOG registration from V2?




Thanks for your reply.

However my gateway is saw from V2 but not from V3.

I wonder if I registered it correctly to V3.
Because when I look at my Gateway from V2, the gateway ID is eui-1234567812345678

in V3 I enter ttog1 as gateway ID and in the EUI field, I saved 1234567812345678

Should I create a new gateway in V3, with the Gateway ID eui-12234567812345678?
Then what should I save in the EUI field?

I am a bit confused because here it show what I did

You can put anything you like in the ID field.

You put the EUI in the EUI field.

You also change your gateway to point to the v3 server for your region!!

OK, then why my gateway is not seen in V3? I may have did some things wrong.

In fact, in the V3 console, the gateway is not connected.

Or should I wait for first message? But usually, the gateway is seen as soon as I power it

Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 14.29.52
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 14.30.06
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 14.30.16
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 14.30.24

Have you changed the configuration on the gateway so it is sending to the v3 server like I asked above?

You mean, I have to connect the ethernet cable to the TTOG and look for that change?

And hwo can I knoiw the V3 server for my region

I am a bit panic, but I just created an new application and , in V2, I was used to use HTML integration. I did not find HTML integration in V3. Has it been suppressed?
Because in that case, I no workaround to make my station working with TTOG in V3, for now…

NB: In V2, I have not check “Automatically Update Gateway”

Surely the TTOG already has an Ethernet cable plugged in?

You need to go on to the TTOG console and change the router address - you may benefit from reading the instructions.

Reading the documentation for gateways at:

No, it’s now called Webhooks

I’m not aware that v2 will know the gateway should be on v3 so it won’t update automatically anyway.

Rather than panic, read the documentation for the TTOG and look at the online documentation for migration.


But as I am in Switzerland, I guess my server is correct
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 15.05.13
Screenshot 2021-06-28 at 14.30.24

But at some point, I have to delete my gateway from V2. I have not delete it yet.

No, it’s now called Webhooks

In the same time, I found the webhook and I tried creating a custom but it look so different. But let solve first the gateway, because it sill disconnected

Someone, in Switzerland, had succesfully registered a TTOG gateway in stack V3?

In my Gateway console the TTN server is:

But I have been loged into the gateway, and I controlled the configuration following that page

The page provide you a link to the router address for the region

Into my TTOG gateway, I have not saved: but but I guess, it does not matter, isn’t?

No, no you don’t, because you can NEVER go back - look at the forum discussion where we countless say this.

How will it know where to send the uplinks to the new version of the TTN??

You HAVE to change the gateway server address ON THE GATEWAY to the one shown on the console.

On the V3 gateway page there is a button to download global_conf.json. In that file search for “server_address” and use that value on your gateway. If you don’t it will not work.

Aïe, I did it

You HAVE to change the gateway server address ON THE GATEWAY to the one shown on the console.

Ok, then my mistake is here. Initially I have

I am sorry but I am confused because here It show EU 433 and EU 863-870’ for Europe or for Switzerland.

to the one shown on the console

Then I have to saved ‘’ ???

Thanks for your patience

OK, thanks kersing and descartes.
I am going to make the change on the gateway

I never understand why people take unilateral action after asking for advice.

Those are the instruction to v2.

I gave you the link to v3 documentation which yielded the correct address of ‘’.

Can you not hear me screaming at the screen from here?? :wink:

OK that work now. My gateway is now connect.
@descartes sorry to not have understood immediately. What you wrote, it was what I should have done earlier :).

I never understand why people take unilateral action after asking for advice.
But what the matter now as my TTOG gateway has been migrated to V3 and V2 will closed in december 2021?

My second Gateway is a TTIG and I will migrate it later. I read the V3 is not ready yet for TTIG. I do not if it’s still available.

C’est la vie!

It is not ready yet but will be soon, it is being tested by the TTI team now.

Thanks a lot.
Now next challange is the HTTP integration (webhook) in V3

Same principals as v2 but the JSON format has changed

OK; it look a big change

The format start as the following

    "end_device_ids": {
        "device_id": "st-27",
        "application_ids": {
            "application_id": "per"
        "dev_eui": "0000000000000020",
        "dev_addr": "2XXXXXX"

and the data I need to collect are now in ‘uplink_message’ instead of ‘payload_field’