How Creat a simple channel in CayenneLPP

(Robsonmartinazzo) #1

When I put a value in my code, I get the Cayenne library, but it only has some methods, like this:

e eu quero apenas um canal como essa imagem


I use this library

Or this is not possible?


I don’t I fully understand your question but you can ‘add new’ and then ’ add widget’ … name that Channel 2

(Robsonmartinazzo) #3

I can not add a widget because I’m using the Cayenne LPP setting, which pulls straight from NTT.

I add the direct method in the esp32 code as shown in the example:

lpp.addTemperature(1, t);
lpp.addRelativeHumidity(2, h);
lpp.addAnalogOutput(3, valorTeste);

however the methods that exist according to the cayenne website are just these:

uint8_t addDigitalInput(uint8_t channel, uint8_t value);
uint8_t addDigitalOutput(uint8_t channel, uint8_t value);

uint8_t addAnalogInput(uint8_t channel, float value);
uint8_t addAnalogOutput(uint8_t channel, float value);

uint8_t addLuminosity(uint8_t channel, uint16_t lux);
uint8_t addPresence(uint8_t channel, uint8_t value);
uint8_t addTemperature(uint8_t channel, float celsius);
uint8_t addRelativeHumidity(uint8_t channel, float rh);
uint8_t addAccelerometer(uint8_t channel, float x, float y, float z);
uint8_t addBarometricPressure(uint8_t channel, float hpa);
uint8_t addGyrometer(uint8_t channel, float x, float y, float z);
uint8_t addGPS(uint8_t channel, float latitude, float longitude, float meters);

And I wanted to use one that does not exist in those methods. I do not know if it was clearer.


you want a ‘custom’ widget

(Robsonmartinazzo) #5

This just work in arduino device, when I select the option ‘Custom Widgets’,it does not show my device LoRa.


(Bborncr) #6

If you are receiving the data through The Things Network you need to add the Cayenne LPP device:

Add New....-->Device/Widget-->LoRa-->The Things Network-->Cayenne LPP

To the device just paste the DevEUI from your console and the data should begin to populate the dashboard.

(Robsonmartinazzo) #7

Yes I did this, The Things Network takes the esp32 data, in which I use the lpp.addTemperature, lpp.addHumidity and etc methods … And I wanted a simple channel that I could modify on the Cayenne later. For example, add the lpp.addChannel method to esp32 and create a simple channel like the image from my first topic.


you can check here too

(Bborncr) #9

If you are trying to send something different than is already in the Cayenne LPP library then no, it is not possible. I tried to do this last week and consulted the forums at Cayenne also. No go.

Using the Cayenne MQTT API gives a lot more flexibility but one would have to create their own external process that receives the info from TTN and then talks to Cayenne directly.