How do I find the IP Address

I’m new at this and I’m trying to set up the TTN Outdoor Gateway. What do the following directions mean? How do I find the IP address from my router? “The gateway will use DHCP to request an IP address from the network. Find this IP address from your router and enter the IP address assigned to the Gateway into the web browser to access the ODU GUI interface.”

Login to your router web UI and look for a device by name OutdoorAP. You can access the TTOG from the IP address assigned to it.


Most routers will have a Web page for setup and control, but each model of router will very likely have a different interface.

Check the documentation for your router.

Thanks a bunch. Got it.

Very often, the ip-address (v4) of the router ends in “.1”.
So if you have a device (PC) on the same network, you can check its ip-address, e.g.
Then with a reasonable probability your router is at ip-address “”

You can find out your ip-adress in Windows by typing (in a console):


If you have a line that says “Default gateway”, you could also try the ip-address on that line.

Mine ends in 3 and I have another one that ends in 254, so YMMV

You can run an application on a phone or PC to scan a network and list all the connected devices. On an Android device I run “Network Scanner” and on a Windows PC I run “Advanced IP Scanner”.

Dear community,
Recently I bought a Things outdoor gateway device from Enthu Technology Solutions India Pvt Ltd. I have connected it to a router (Lynksys WRT54G) but router interface shows all other connected devices except the gateway device. Kindly let me know how can I access the web interface of the gateway device. Also, the seller is not providing any technical support, kindly look into the matter.