How do I remove myself from a community group

Hi there, need advice on how to remove myself from a community group? I can see the join buttons on the communities section of the main website but cant see the leave button?



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I don’t know, maybe the admin from that community can delete you ?


Apparently not, I have to delete my account to remove myself from a community ? crazy

@laurens knows the answer to everything community related :wink:

just relax… wait and see

The Leave this community button somehow disappeared after the last update. I’ll add it again.

For now, you can use:

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Did that leave group thing, yet my gateways are still associated with the group, even a gateway setup after leaving

Not sure but suspect that any GW’s deployed within the ‘coverage radius’ defined for a given community get automatically added to that community…are the ones you refer to still inside that radius? :thinking: or are they placed elsewhere on the TTN Map/Registration?

@Jeff-UK correct!

@jezd the gateways on the communtiy map are not related to the members of the community. All gateways in a certain radius are displayed on the map.

There are a number of community specific topics and a lot of technical explanations of building a LoRa network, but can someone indicate where we could discuss more generally about strategies of building communities etc.