How do I send data from TTN to node

hi i use rfm95 and arduino mega as a node( i use Lmic library ) and dragino lora shield and raspberry pi as gateway i want to send data from TTN to my node first and after that to control a 775 motor so how do i send this Data ?

Hi @haidarouni,

Data from the device to the TTN LoRaWAN core is called an UPLINK or UL.
Data from the TTN LoRaWAN core to the device is called a DOWNLINK or DL.

Using search on this forum for “downlink” returns a lot of results and can be used as the starting point to understand and use downlinks.

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Thank you for the reply . Sorry i didn’t notice that i know down link. I will be more specific i use single channel in my gateway i can send uplink but i cant receive any down link in the node i dont know if the issues in the gateway or the code of arduino.

Single channel gateway software rarely supports downlinks (for Lora shield + RPi). Check here to find a version that may support them with some trick: Dual-Chan Gateway with Raspberry PI3 + Dragino Hat v1.4 and Downstream messages
Check also here: Single Channel Gateway part 3

(or buy a ESP8266 and a lora chip, there is more complete software available).

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