How do I set up a gateway

I find the TTN website extremely confusing. I was unable to figure out how to set up a gateway. Can someone help me pls?

Which version?

I have an account: grafik
Now I go to: The Things Network Cluster Picker
I choose Europe1
Then this appears:
Here I have to login again. But when I use my TTN account, it says:

OK, can you try logging in to the v2 Console and then with that session setup in your browser, switch over the to the cluster picker.

In the meanwhile, my colleague @Jeff-UK will take a look at how the capitals in your username may be blocking your login.

I have a Mikrotik R11e-LoRa8
I think its no problem registering it, I have often used it in Chirpstack already.
I just don’t understand the TTN console, very confusing

Where do I find the v2 console?

To be fair, you haven’t actually logged in yet.

From the Network Cluster Picker, it’s the bottom link.

This is not login?

is this the Network Cluster Picker?

Since I cannot register here, what then is my TTN ID?

That shows you as login.

No, that would be the URL you put in your message above.

It occurs to me that you may not have actually just tried clicking the Blue Button.

Your TTN ID is HTLorawan, there is only one account server in use, so all credentials are the same on all sites.

“That shows you as login.”

What do you mean by that? Pls normal English
Obviously I am logged in, since I had to enter username and password to get that icon

ok now it worked for some reason. Before when I tried with HTLorawan it blocked, that’s why I then tried with username and password, which also did not work


I’m sorry that auto-correct has mangled this volunteers typing, I must try harder.

Have you clicked the blue “Login with The Things ID” button like I asked, which would have been a better answer than critiquing my English which you don’t even know if it is my first language so is very rude.

Yeah, we get that a lot, suddenly the computer decides to co-operate - very mysterious.

what is the url of TTN which I need to configure the gateway?

It tells you on console page and provides a config download button - please look at the layouts and buttons on the console - this isn’t a paid tech support service, we are all users like you.