How long does it take that i see my Gateway on TTN Mapper?

a few days ago i registered my Gateway (Raspberry Pi 3 B+ wit ic880A Concentrator). All works fine and i can receive data over my Gateway. I also registered the location of my Gateway in the TTN Console but i can’t find my Gateway in TTN Mapper.

Can somebody give me a hint what goes wrong?2019-04-26_11h27_43

Did you start mapping?

How can i do this?

Just follow instructions you can find on TTNMapper. TTNMapper tracks trackers, it’s not a map of all registered gateways. The gateway map is here.

Many thanks,

if i understood right, i have to type in
“fake_gps”: true
in my .json file.

Is not this one?

Yes it is,

but if i take a look to
i can’t find it.

If no tracker mapped it, then you cannot see it. TTNMapper shows trackers results.

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