How should I choose a SIM card/provider for my gateway?


I have The Things Outdoor Gateway (TTOG) and would like to connect it to the internet through a cellular connection (sim card) rather than ethernet.

I’m planning to connect around 9 LoRa end devices (temperature, humidity and other sensors) to the gateway in downtown Toronto.

However, I was wondering if there are considerations I need to account for when it comes to the provider or the internet connection through a sim card? If anyone lives in Canada and can recommend some local providers for IoT sim cards, that would be appreciated!

Thank you

I would look to use operator(s) with lowest network latency at the point where you plan to deploy the GW. Plans are often much of a muchness wrt cost in markets where there is some competition and whilst you might save a few $cents or even a $ or two by vendor selection if the cheapest has poor latency this can show up as missed packets and variable performance causing more maintenance/debug issues than the saving is worth and if truely unreliable may even cost you client connections! :wink: Ask local MNO network users for their experience or run own tests at site before selecting is my recomendation or use a network that you know from experience has generally good (low) latancy.

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Open signal do per country reports
Most have a latency section to compare operators.

These guys offer a fixed price 10 yr sim a number of folk use them
Also they have a client app Spacebridge which can securely logon remotely to your Gateways without putting your own VPN in place. They are a bit more expensive than others.

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