How to check gateway public as lora or lorawan

Hello gyus,

Please I want to use a gateway that I found in the map (not my gateway). A public gateway I have only a id device, but how to know this gateway is lora or lorawan??

How to acess this gateway with node using TTN.


TTN Gateway Map? Any node registered on TTN will have its data forwarded by any TTN Gateway it is received by. How far is this Gateway from your location?


You would expect the TTN Gateway map to only show TTN Gateways.


Sorry, maybe not so clear. My question is all gateways in TTN using only LORAWAN?
This is basic requirement for gateway? If you say yes, all gateways must be lorawan, that is my question.

thanks and sorry if not so important, but I search and didn’t found the answer in the web.

Yes. You did not find the answer because it is out of question :slight_smile:

@motovmp1 LoRa is the base technology behind the RF Phy layer (link modulation), by definition all gateways are running ‘LoRa’, where LoRaWAN is the protocol and higher network layers and architecture, as defined by the LoRa-Alliance which underpins the operational behaviour and data exchange through the Gateways and within the overall network and its constituent parts (GW, Network Server, Join Server, Application Server, etc.).

All TTN GW’s run LoRaWAN, the exception being the unfortunate situation where some people were able to register single channel packet forwarders (aka single channel gw’s) - typically for cost reasons in the early days of expensive full GW’s - which are not fully compliant and only handle limited up/down packet flows often causing user confusion or poor performance on the network, and therefore discouraged. These are often, but not always, declared (description or part types may indicate) as such so watch out for them if you are sending traffic and seeing problems.


excellent answer friend that is what I am expected in this forum. Thanks and now very clear. Because I am use only Lora, not LORAWAN. Thanks for your time…see you