How to choose between HTTP or MQTT?

Hey guys,

I have a tiny question regarding TTN integrations.
I am currently working on my Bachelor’s Thesis and trying to connect TheThingsNetwork to my IoT Application. I understand, that there is always the option to use the TTN MQTT Broker, but now I found the TTN HTTP Integration.

My question is: what are reasons to use the former or the latter option? I have managed to get both variants working (HTTP with a Azure Function and MQTT with Telegraf) but I can’t quite tell which one is better.

Totally unrelated to your question, but please write “The Things Network” with spaces in your thesis. :policeman:

And part of the answer:

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Thanks for your anwser and telling me about the proper spelling :wink: !

Also, I think that the HTTP Integration uses MQTT under the hood, but I don’t know for sure. If it does, then HTTP adds another dependency. (Say: if the HTTP Integration does not work, then maybe MQTT still works fine, but not the other way around.) Would be great to know for sure, but things may change in V3.


Hmmm, interesting, it would be good to find this out as there is no point stressing the system with MQTT, HTTP & DaTa STorage if HTTP is going to go off line if MQTT goes off line.

PS, I capitalised the T’s for all three protocols, seems only fair.