How to connect a TTGO T-Beam to a Sim900 shield

Hi. I am trying to create a tracking system using a LilyGo TTGO T-Beam and a Sim900 shield. The TTGO has a GPS and I can successfully get the GPS co-ordinates. The Sim900 is being used for sending SMS messages, which I can also successfully do. Now, I’d like to connect the two.

  1. Which pins on each device do I need to connect?
  2. What code do I use to send the GPS co-ordinates from the TTGO to the Sim900?
    Any help with these questions is much appreciated!

This forum is about TheThingsNetwork which uses LoRaWAN. I think a sim900 shield is a complete different wireless technology, so it’s very unlikely you will find here what you are looking for.

Indeed - the wiring up of many things is in scope for this forum, but connecting SMS to a device would be very marginal as an application and there are many many resources on doing such things on the internet at large for you to review.