How to connect TTIG-868 to different backend

Just received TTIG-868. How am I able to connect it to a different backend?



Has been asked before and is currently not possible.

Perfect example of why the firmware needs to be open source…

in worst case, you can still run your own local bind server ^^

And your own local CUPS server (no not the Linux print server) and your own LNS server.

I got an Indoor GW at the Things Conference 2019. I am looking for the firmware. Is there no source code for the firmware? If not it goes straight into the trash bin.

You coud always just send to me then! :rofl:

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@Jeff-UK: Haha. The GW is probably not worth the shipping cost.

If I understand it correctly it tries to update itself from an Update Server so there is at least no security risk if there is a new ESP32 WiFi exploit?

The firmware not being available is some kind of move to make TTN more closed? Or to force people to not put in additional uplink networks and therefore not leech off a maybe subsidized hardware. Aka you have this device in your network, and you payed for it but we control what it does?

Sorry I meant ESP8266 :grin:

I’m surprised no one has ripped the ESP8266 out and wired the concentrator SPI to something else yet, or ported the serial version of the (normally USB) picogw software to it.

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do you have more information how to configure the bind server for redirect from TTN to another adress.

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Is there any update? I’d like to use this gateway with The Things Stack Enterprise running on AWS to implement a private LoRaWAN solution for a customer with data locality requirements in Canada.

Thanks very much

Nobody is going to answer. TTI is a horrible mess. Even the forum moderators are frustrated. The “v3” stack is years late. Bugs remain untriaged for months.

Your best bet is to reflash the ESP8266 with your own firmware as @cslorabox suggested.

From Slack:

@KrishnaIyerEaswaran2 2020-10-06 09:20

you will be able to as soon as we have the self-configuration infrastructure for CUPS in place.

hi @kersing i watching the page for the TTIG gateway, and I am looking at the description of the device and from what I see I understand that I can connect to any backend network of my choice, please help me with this point

Does your backend network support BasicStation protocol? If so, claim the gateway on TTN console and point it to the right backend by setting “Gateway Server Address”.

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