How to control the RFM95 transmission

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I am using since a while an Adafruit MO Adaloger board with a RFM95 module with LMIC library.
It always has been working.
But this week, I prepared a new node and I did not have a new RFM radio module available.

So I unsolder one from an obsolete board and I solder it to a my new board. I do not know if the RFM95 radio module like this such operation.

Since, my node do not sent the radio message to TTN frequently. My node send message each two minute and If I look at the node console, under data tab, I can see it receive the messages about each 15mn.

Under to counter column, for the first sent message I have the number 5
For the second message, I have the number 13 and 21 for the last received message.

My schema has always been working, then I wonder if it’s an hardware (RFM95 module, antenna, UF-L connector, UF-l cable to the antenna, etc) issue and how can I control that my RFM95 module work fine. (The gateway is at 2m from my node).

Could it be a software issue? I mean, can it be a issue at the node configuration from the console?

I am still not aware about the option “Frame Counter Checks”. I unchecked it. Until now; I beleive if I checked and I restart my node, the counter number will not be the same, and the new message will not be recorded. I may be wrong but If I can clarify this, it would be nice, by the way.

But my first worries is how to check the quality of the message transmission.

Many thank fro your advises!!


are you using the same code ?
or are you receiving this with a single channel gateway.

so it looks like it misses 7 uploads, so or receive the messages with a full gateway, or change the node code to transmit on one channel only in combination with that single channel gateway.

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Dear BoRRoZ,
Yes I am using the same code. I tried t change the antenna and the UF.L cable without success.
But I reboot my gateway, and now it look better. I have not tested all the day, but I could send the data for each transmission. Do you think, the reboot really help?

I will investigate about the channel, but until know I do not know where to look. But I will find it on the Gateway. (…)