How to create a client_id and client_token in v3

I am new to the things network and have spent quality of time reading the v3 documentation. I have a school project am currently working on which is to integrate with TTN using http to setup applications and devices majorly. To be able to call API endpoint successfully i need a client_id and client_token. I am stuck at the moment because i cant see the steps to create a client_id in the v3 document.

Can you point to the API doc that says Client ID please.

In the authentication page of the v3 document (link below). I need it for the OAuth access tokens.

Afterward i want to be able to use the access token to be able to setup devices in the below link.


Which says:

  • The client_id is the client ID of your OAuth client.

So that would be your client ID of YOUR OAuth client.

The rest of us are using API Keys, soooo much easier.

Thanks @descartes . I initially tried using API Keys as i also thought it should be straight forward but everytime i test the end point to get details for a particular device id i get 403 forbidden error on Postman.
“code”: 7,
“message”: "error:pkg/auth/rights:no_application_rights (no rights for application
I guess am doing something wrong in the way am passing the the API key in the authorization header. I tried to pass using the ApiKey header but no rights for application . Also i tried to pass it as a Bearer Token but getting token not found.

This may help with using the API key:

I’ve also got several various forum posts on here for creating devices with Python - so search is your friend.

@descartes thanks for the shared resources. it actually reveal clue on how i needed to call the API endpoint. so far have been able to create device as specified from the documentation but my major challenge now is how to specify the activation mode (OTAA/OBP) when creating devices from http api. all the devices i created are configured by default as OBP rather than OTAA.
Please i will appreciate if there is any suggestion to resolve this?