How to decode payload from moko LW001-BG

I am new in this field, I use moko MKGW2 as gateway and LW001 as GPS tracker node, I tray to decode this payload 02 01 56 F8 0B 45 F4 29 32 46, I am not an expert in javascript. can anyone please help me how to figure out the decoder for this payload, MOKO not provide the payload decoder, you can find the documentation here:

Mabe take a look at the documentation on page : is a complete work out off a example off your GPS data.

Just need to teach the JavaScript bit then :wink:

@zain, what languages do you program in, then we can help you along - JavaScript is just another borked procedural language, if you can do one, you can hack any of them at basic level.

First decode a payload by hand with pencil and paper so that you are sure you understanding how it is supposed to be done.

Then look at examples for other payloads and adapt them to yours.

tanks I have done decode the payload to a decimal value, so now how to convert this decimal value :
latitude: 2239.5210
longitude: 11402.4883
to the right latitude.longitude format?

The instructions show you how to convert that format in to degrees, minutes, seconds. See the part that says:

5007.4966=>50°07′(0.4966*60)″= 50°07′29.796″

These would appear to but you in the Longhua district of Shenzhen?

On Github you can find the payload to convert in coördinates