How to do a simple gateway signal strength test?

Just fishing to check if there is a simple way to detect gateway signal strength? Any off the shelf product or something I can devise myself? I plan to use a LoRa trackable beacon but then have to use TTN portal on my mobile phone and wait 20 minutes, but also do net get any indication of signal strength.

Hi @ProfBunsen, I use the Adeunis ARF8123AA LoRa Alliance certified Field Test Device (FTD) for RF coverage testing.

What are you actually wanting to measure ?

The signal strength of transmissions from the gateway (gateway signal strength) at your current location ?


The strength of signals from your node when the reach the gateway ?


The signal strength from your node at you current location ?

Thank you! Do you use the AU915 or AS923 frequency?

I am interested in the signal strength of transmissions from the gateway (gateway signal strength) at my current location. I want to check if existing RF coverage will be sufficient for deployment of sensors. Thanks!

Well you either need a mechanism for triggering downlinks, and you are limited to 10 per day. But even then (or your listening for downlinks at random) with 8 channels the chance of receiving anthing is not high, unless you have a multi-channel gateway as aa receiver.

The figures reported by the Gateways packet reception will tell you the same thing, the signal loss between node and gateway, which is what you need to know. It should not matter in what direction you measure the loss.

So a simple tracker app that reports into Cayenne\MyDevices on-line ought to tell you what you need to know.

Hi @ProfBunsen, I use the EU 868MHz variant in Europe. The Adeunis we page states that it is available in 915 and 923 variants but I suggest that you check with local distributors.

Thank you! I will give it a go.