How to fix "join-request to cluster-local join server failed"

I registered gateway that use RAK2245 and raspberry on TTN.
Gateway is connected well.
But when I register Lora node and create application, I got “join-request to cluster-local join server failed”.

“data”: {
@type”: “”,
“namespace”: “pkg/joinserver”,
“name”: “mic_mismatch”,
“message_format”: “MIC mismatch”,
“correlation_id”: “c35911f0585b4560b6ebe555e0819248”,
“code”: 3
“correlation_ids”: [
“origin”: “”,
“context”: {
“tenant-id”: “CgN0dG4=”
“visibility”: {
“rights”: [
“unique_id”: “01H0FZJJ9Y3DFP9JHA0F42F9R8”
Can you help me?

This error can be caused by:

  • Wrong AppKey (or wrong byte order, for printed AppKeys check 8/B when entering at TTN)
  • Malformed data received at the gateway which should not be forwarded to TTN, but some people set the gateway to forward packets with CRC errors (don’t as it wastes TTN resources)

I am new for TTN.
I am using gateway with RAK2245 and raspberry pi.
can you help me how to fix?

Unlikely to be GW issue if showing connected but as Jac suggests a node problem

Check for

…and fix if needed,

and as a way of reducing risk of

Ensure adequate seperation of GW & node to avoid overloads and channel bleeds- (forum search is your friend :wink: )

If neither solves you need to post details - how configured, what you see on the GW & device consoles etc… details details… :slight_smile: