How to get LoRa Basics Station Authentication keys

Installing Basic Station with Semtech new SX1302 Corecell HW,
from where do I get the “LoRa Basic Station Authentication key” ?

The documentation may help:

in which there are links to follow.

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Hello Nick
this is what I am using and I generated the API-key.
I think the only thing missing is the is the authentication key.
I do not find any hint from where to get it ?
regards Michael


Hello Nick
so the same key which I use to generate the API.key is used in the TTN GW setting for the MQTT Authentification?

Hallo Nick, get get this response on the consol

16:35:06 Update gateway “updated_at”
16:34:03 Update gateway “lbs_lns_secret”“lbs_lns_secret.value”
16:33:35 Update gateway API key

regards Michael

but on the GW Basic station I get this message???
key usage : Digital Signa2021-07-12 14:37:05.704 [AIO:ERRO] tc contains malformed auth token - expecting: {header: value\r\n}*

what does it mean?? & Which file needs to be corrected and how ?