How to get the Exposure Requirement for Community?

Starting out the New Year here and I want to get the “Official” status on our community and do some events around town. Seems like a couple years ago I got the first 1/2 requirement for Exposure but now I’m not sure how to get the other?

A few years ago I set up a Facebook page, Twitter, Slack, and a series of blog posts.
What else do I need to do?


Haha, never mind. When I posted this forum post link in the prompt I got it :smiley:

Now to plan the unleashing! :partying_face:

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Hi. The Community concept is an excellent mechanism to encourage bottom-up activation. However, there are some elements which are quite challenging in achieving ‘official’ status. We are stuck on the Exposure Requirement.

Our community (Iivantiira) doesn’t intend to participate in Facebook or Twitter social media. What are the elements required to fulfill the Exposure Requirement and thereby encourage inhabitants and collaborators by becoming an official community?

@laurens can you help answering this question?

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Hi @pdonner,

Great work so far on setting up the community. We created this “Exposure” item as we find it important that communities announce themselves so others can find out about their existence.

If you believe you can run the community successfully without this step, you can move forward and start preparing the launch event (which is the final step). You can send me a message once this is planned so I can mark your community as “official”.

Best of luck!

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