How to get The Things Gateway MAC address?

(Jerome) #1


I just received my The Things Gateway.
I need to get its MAC address. Indeed, I’m in a local network that requires login/passwd authentication to connect to the network (once per day).
We can bypass this by providing the system admin the MAC address of the device to exclude from this policy (an then no authentication is required).

Ho can I get the Gateway MAC address ?
I’ve seen that the wifi name from the gateway is like “Things-Gateway-XXXXXX”.
Is the last part the MAC address ?

Thanks !


There are likely a number of MAC addresses, one for the Etherent, one for the WiFi and another for the LoRa card. Which one do you need? Guessing WiFi or Ethernet depending on which connection you are using locally.


(Arjan) #3

In some command prompt, from the same local network:

  • Get its IP address and ensure your local computer knows it, using ping things-gateway.local
  • Find the matching IP address in the output of arp -a