How to Know which version of TTN I Have? Please Help

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I have just started with TTN and I am wondering if anyone can help me. I have read about TTN V3. Which are the differences? How do I know which version am i using? I have got a The Things Indoor Gateway.

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The TTIG doesn’t have a version as such in this context.

V3 support hasn’t been finessed just yet, so you’ll find that your TTIG will be best setup in the V2 console - you can move it over.

The gateway will be V2 for now. However, create your applications and add devices in V3 so you don’t have to migrate later this year. (That is assuming you are in EU, other regions don’t have V3 life yet)

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Is there a simple guide somewhere on how to migrate The Things Network Indoor Gateway to V3 ? (as well as the apps & Devices) I can’t find one, and when I try and set up on V3 it doesn’t connect (as it is still on v2) I thought it was forwarding messages but can’t seem to make it work

Please read the existing messages on the subject, TTIG is V2 connected only at the moment, however traffic from V2 is forwarded to V3 for OTAA nodes.

do you know were they are ? I have been looking and have tried to add my TTIG gateway to V3 console and it just sits there saying disconnected. It is working in V2 so in threory it should be forwarding packets through the broker. I used same gw id in both V2 & v3 ? but still won’t connect

Try searching the forum.

Because the TTIG is not yet supported on v3. Until that happens, it won’t connect.