How to persist LMIC OTAA parameters with an ESP32?

@JackGruber good and bad news. Bad news is that the code you suggested did not help me, but I did determine the problem, or at least a workaround. I was able to get initial OTAA,sleep, and initial sensor data send. It would then start another EV_TXSTART immediately after the data send, but then go to sleep. I simple ensured I explicitly reset the GOTO_DEEPSLEEP to false during the “phantom send” on the EV_TXSTART event case . I’m sure this is all happening as a result of my copy of LMIC data from RTC, but without setting the critical members of the structure. I’m going to call this a workaround at this point in time, but I can sleep the controller and wake without issue.

@jhughes1010 , please, can you detail how did you do this workaround ? The ESP32 node only receives a RX downlink message if I send a confirmed uplink.